Most important in the course of selling any home is establishing expectations, and for that, communication is key. From the very beginning of the process right up through closing and beyond, Elizabeth always facilitates thorough discussion.

At your initial consultation, Elizabeth will answer all your questions about the sales process and learn about your precise goals. From there, she will design your personalized marketing plan and seller’s book.

Your personalized seller’s book includes topics such as:
     The current housing market (national, Nashville, and your neighborhood)
     Your neighborhood sales statistics
     Your step-by-step guide to the home-selling process
     Your 30-day plan
     The importance of precise pricing
     Open house tips

With your personalized marketing plan as your guide, you and Elizabeth will:
     Determine the target market
     Review your home’s location and features
     Discuss your home’s condition, promotion, and price
     Design monthly goals
     Create custom advertising
     Establish a timeline
     Track results

In addition to your personalized plan and book, Elizabeth will also share with you Savvy Staging Sells, her informative booklet on how to stage your house.

Ample preparation, well-defined goals, and solid marketing are the keys to successful selling, and having a knowledgeable professional by your side is crucial to the process. To discover how to sell your home faster and for more money, contact Elizabeth at 615.292.5349.